bespoke design

This is what Little Bee specialises in. Bespoke website development, for small to medium business and not-for-profits, with unique functionality, style and support created just for you.

Have you seen a website with a style you absolutely love somewhere online? I can build it for you. Unless you hire someone who can not only make things look pretty on the page but also work with the code, achieving a look that pays attention to all the tiny details is simply not possible. A Little Bee custom website build starts at $2000, for most businesses this price will be all you pay. An online shop, graphic design, copywriting and professional photography can be included for an additional fee.

This is a fraction of the price you’d pay with a similarly experienced city firm. Yep, there are those who say they can do this work more cheaply. Be careful, it’s more likely they are dumping your content into a ready made theme, are inexperienced or are located overseas. This might suit you, but if you want to be sure your site will deliver as you expect it to AND will continue to do so into the future, it might not be worth the risk.